Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentines 2011

Here are a few pics that we took today for Valentines.  Erica loves taking pictures though Aaron needs some coaxing. aka M  & M's...

 Erica and Aaron

so happy

Aaron and his heart

Saturday, February 5, 2011

its been a long time!

Wow, it has been more than a year since I updated!  Things over the past year have been great, we took our first family vacation to disney World in Oct where Aaron and I celebrated our birthdays.  Both Erica and Aaron are in gymnastics running around having fun.  In the summer I did another triathlon which improved my time by 12 mins the year previous.  I have made a job change for the better.  Jimmy and I have been enjoying tim with the kids an some much needed adult time when we can.  We had to sadly say goodbye to my little babe this year, she was in renal failure and was not doing well.  She was a great cat though, having had her since I was 18 she was so friendly especially to those who did not want her by them : ) There are many fun things to come this year- Erica and Mia are in dance together and they have a recital this June.  Jimmy and I are going to Las Vegas in April- maybe we will win it BIG- yeah right!  Planning on running and possibly doing another triathlon again this summer.  Hope to plan a few more small trips this summer.  Will update pics soon.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Another year has started and so far 2010 is setting up to be a very busy year. We have some big events this year, my little sister is graduating high school- WOW! I can't believe it- it seems like just yesterday she was helping me move into my dorm in IOWA and now she will be moving into her own in the fall. We are all so proud of her, she is going to be a great teacher. Then there are some big weddings this year...lets go in order- May 15th Pam will be getting married to a wonderful man Ryan who makes her so happy. We are so exited for you guys. I am honored to be in the bridal party. It is going to be a great day! Next comes June 26th Amanda will be getting married to Chris, they have been dating for many years now and he asked her to marry him on the 4th of July on the beach during fireworks - in Florida! This is a very special wedding for our family as all 4 of us have been asked to be in the bridal party. We are so happy for them and excited for their special day! October 2nd is next with Jimmy's childhood friend Billy's wedding to Jen this wedding is in Galena. Jimmy will be a groomsman in this wedding. Not to mention all the babies that are going to be born this year congrats to all the expectant mommies out there! Now for the kids- Aaron is now 15 months he is using utensils when he eats, using more words wow I can't believe the difference between him and Erica in the speech dept. he had his check up and he continues along the growth curves 50th % in height and 20th% in weight. He is running around chasing Erica starting to take his toys back from her, jumping, dancing also climbing on tables- YIKES!. It is so amazing to see him learn something new or when he gets excited the smile on his precious face. With the snow we had he loves to shovel-and he is good at it. Erica is 30 months now and she had a growth spurt I had to go out and get some new jeans the ones I bought in fall are looking like floods! She is still my little peanut though! Her speech has improved drastically over the last few months, she is repeating everything lately- we need to be more careful now! Playing pretend with her dolls, dancing, and she just stated gymnastics last week- the girl did 5 pull ups on the bar - WOW! Here are a few pics- little old some from xmas.
Here are the kids at breakfest with Santa
Erica by the tree on xmas eve
Aaron by the xmas tree xmas eve
Erica pulling Aaron in the sled

Aaron doing awesome at shoveling!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holidays 2009

Merry Christmas to everyone! Things here at the Laskey household have been busy, Aaron is 14 months today wow where did the time go. I can't even express how fast he is growing not only physically but he is talking...he says everything from mommy, daddy, to Ellie and Sandy ( our sitters name) M & M ( Erica gets for going potty) , ball, bye bye. He is running, climbing and has the cutest though very mischievous smile. When we visited Santa he did not scream though from his facial expression I bet he was wondering " who is THIS" !
Erica is almost 2 1/2 and she too is amazing me everyday. She has been doing well with potty training she wears big girl panties now except for sleeping. She does have an accident but not often. Erica was very excited to santa this year, she knows he is "watching her" to see if she has been good. She asked Santa for baby Elmo- I hope she gets it! She has been so into christmas this year, she loved decorating the tree- while Aaron of course tried to take the ornaments back off! We had a cookie exchange and she loved baking with me- we have cute holiday aprons!
As for Jimmy and I it has been lots of work, lots of shopping, and lots of playing with the kids. Yesterday there was a point where I truely felt the xmas spirit,the xmas music playing in the background while Jimmy and I were finishing the cookies, the kids were dancing I just looked up and felt so happy I just had to watch how cute they looked.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

time is flying by...

Can't believe that the summer is almost over- it is just starting to get hot! We have been super busy this summer and it does not look like the fall is going to let up. Before I know it I will need to start xmas shopping _ YIKES- So updates, well this week Aaron will be 10 months, he is all about food he will still eat his baby food though he loves big boy food. He eats anything from beef, turkey meat to chicken, all veggeis and fruits he likes cake which we have had at a few birthday parites and he had a donut today! He is cruising and standing- I think he will be walking before Erica who was walking at 13 months. He has great Giggles like his big sister! He is getting his top two teeth in now which are causing some pain though overall he is a happy baby! I cant beleive I have to start planning his first bday soon. Erica is doing awesome too, she loves to read she will sit on her chair and read her books on her own, she likes to do flashcards - of course me telling her what is on them. She does all kinds of building with her blocks or tea party play. She loves pushing her baby in the swing or pushing in the stroller. Aaron is just trying to keep up with Erica.
As for Jimmy and I we are trying to keep the kids under control most of the time. It is great when we see them playing together for a few short minutes where Erica is not ripping a toy out of Aarons hands! A glimpse into maybe the next year where they will begin to play together better. I have done 3 triathlons this summer - my first summer doing them I have one left on 8-31-09 will be in chicago, then I need a break from cardio- maybe do more pilates or weights- my legs are killing me! will try to update with pics next time

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


So we have had a good summer thus far, trying to enjoy the nice days. We have gone on a bunch of walks, bike rides, zoo trips here are a few pics from the 5 k we did in June the Heart for Life this was our first time doing it but Becky and the girls have been doing it for a few years now, and it raises money for heart disease and is great for awareness. Jimmy pushed Aaron and I pushed Erica for the race, of course jimmy beat me by 8 mins. oh well! We went to the arboretum which I have not been too before and it was great, Erica had a good time! We will be going again this weekend for a bike ride.
Erica and Aaron in the playhouse on the deck
Me and Jimmy at the Heart for Life race

Erica before the race "just chilin"

Erica and her medal after the kids race

Becky and Mia before the kids race

Cole in the childrens garden

Don't fall in!

Erica looking back

Erica and Cole

Aaron almost 9 mos

Aaron is almost nine months but the key month has been 8. He has progressed so much this past month I can't believe he is only going to be 9 mos. We did have his appointment this week as well with Erica and like his sister he is maintaining his growth at 28 7/8 in 25-25% in ht and then 18.3oz 10-15%. He has been eating his foods well and trying table foods like chicken, waffles, pancakes, bananas, watermelon etc. He is doing a lot of babbling and making noises with his tongue, he has his two bottom teeth, poor little guy did not like teething. He is pulling up standing, walking along furniture and now he has mde it all the way up the stairs! he tried to turn around and go down head first though - YIKES! Way to much mobility for such a little guy, I was hoping to not have to worry about walking until closer to a year but who knows! Here is our little stinker by the stairs.

we went for a short bike ride after doing some adjusting of the helmuts, aaron did not like the bumps so erica held his hand- so cute!